In the middle… life begins

To think is to split the subject and object, to feel is to merge them.- Mark Mandemaker

Why are we lost in duality? Why is our mind stuck in good and bad, past and future, right and wrong? Why can we never be in the middle? Is it even possible? Life in duality is misery, how so? In duality the mind is split. When we think in terms of good and bad or right or wrong, comparison, assumptions and expectations show there face each time it is time to decide, to act, to be. We spend more time THINKING what’s right for us rather than FEELING what IS in the moment. To remain in the middle is very hard for many people, to transcend thought one has to be consciously aware moment to moment. The mind seeks security, so it will always run in similar ways of thinking to remain sane and secure. So one is either stuck in thoughts of the past that one still carries with them every day, or the mind escapes to the future each moment, whether it’s thoughts of incompetence and insecurities we assume we have or desires that still need to be achieved. We are never still, we are always stuck in duality. Imagine a state of no-mind where there is total silence, where no voice, or what I call when the voice of fear of what will happen next ever haunts you moment to moment? Can life ever be lived in such a way?

To remain in the middle is the key to a life full of clarity and happiness, when duality is transcended, mind is transcended. From the day you were born, you have been bombarded with knowledge, morals, values, religion and rules to obey, what you see as right and wrong is gathered assumptions and values of how society, friends and family want you to be, you have never been your own person, never been an individual. There is fear of being real, always failing to express yourself totally of how you really feel about the life you have lived or not lived so far, you have hidden how you feel from many people even from people that supposedly say they “love you” and put a lot of conditions on you. This duality is created by the society you have lived with and conditioned to believe to be real all your life. But many masks you have developed over time make it hard for you to differentiate, who you really are, as you are still stuck in thought and borrowed knowledge.

Ask yourself this, can you experience all your memories you hold so dearly to yourself again, the same way and in this moment? …go on try to do it.

The answer is of course not, each experience serves it’s own purpose and goes away stored in the memory of the mind that is still so identified as being real. Can we transcend memory as a whole? Yes it is possible to live in a state where memory does not remain anymore, you become whole for the first time, where the need for masks disappear and for the first time you feel free of insecurities and open to people and existence itself. Memory does teach you, but the teaching is limited. Memory can influence the present and this is when life becomes stale and boring. This is  because memory brings about assumptions to the present moment, before actually taking on the opportunity we have already judged it and decided what the outcome will be, we are so certain this is how it will be that we ruin the opportunity that was present to us, we make it a repetitive pattern and become unconscious of new experiences that pass us by each moment. Furthermore when you assume or judge new opportunities that come forward to you, you kill the experience by either expecting to much from it or just comparing it with something similar done previously.

So lets go back to being in the middle. We are either influenced by words of other people, or our own memories of the past in each moment we go in. In our bodies there are many centre’s that bring us to a state of utter silence that make our decisions with conscious awareness, where we are detached from the outcome and just go into it because it is new, decisiveness presents itself and first time there is joy in the actions that are taking place rather than logical and stale thinking of the past.  To live in the middle requires effort and is not very easy. Try this for yourself, first few times you may need to make use of meditation to consciously be aware of the body you are in, so inhale and exhale 5-10mins a day and feel your whole body, witness it, within and without. After a while start focusing on a point two inches below the navel, see how that goes, if not the navel then you can make use of the third eye centre. If you become centred to any of the points mentioned, your mind will automatically start becoming silent, this silence will bring about a big change in your conscious awareness of your body and mind. The more centred you are the peaceful your life will be. Be aware, be conscious.

Awareness cannot exist with duality, and mind cannot exist without duality. Awareness is non-dual, and mind is dual. – Osho

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