Let’s be practical

“One is always free and one is always alone. The mind is only dreaming.”  – Papaji

Let me break down the structure of the mind, without being scientific and making it a whole lot complicated. The mind lives in the past and the future. What does this mean, the only time you ever think, is when you are going back to the past, or dreaming of desirable or undesirable thoughts of the future. In life can you ever be free from the mind running back and forth? It is complicated to answer right? Why? What kind of thoughts come up when the mind is questioned? What sort of understanding comes across to you?

Over time everything we have achieved, or accomplished in our lives which we have seen as important to us as an individual we have held on to and have developed some sort of identification to the memory, which has enhanced our courage to achieve more, do more and take more risks. In this moment who do you see yourself as? What have you achieved in your past that you see as an accomplishment? Go back, pause your reading close your eyes and gather all your accomplishments so far, which one do you consider the most significant, and which one the least?  What sort of feelings come forward when you remember this memory? Has the memory made you feel worthy of who you are now? Do you feel you have achieved better since? or do you feel that you went down hill after a few accomplishments in your life time? Pause a minute and see what is happening within, do not judge it, just experience it, feel it totally without labelling it.

Can you see for yourself, how much your past still influences you in this moment? How the memory of the mind still makes you feel happy or upset? Now this was just a memory of accomplishment, if you look back at a memory you consider painful that has occurred to you in your life, will it still over power you if you go back to it? Now what if I say to you that there is a way that you can be free from the past totally as far as emotions and memory is concerned? Can your mind comprehend this state of awareness? In this moment just breathe in and out and be aware of your breathe flowing in and out, have you come back to the present now to a certain extent where the power of your emotions are becoming normal again? Or have you further become unconscious lost in thought again?

If after a few conscious breathes you took inhaling and exhaling, you calmed down and became present is it not safe to say that the emotions that run through your body are a consequence of your mind and memory? So that means emotions are temporary if you think about it logically, because different memories spark different reactions within. Right now I asked you to look back to an accomplishment of the past, you may have gone back or you may not have, that’s totally up to you, but during your time reading, some emotions may have come up. Now breathe in and out, normally and just watch your thoughts in this moment, has my words influenced your thought process? Carry on observing without judgement, let thoughts pass by…who is watching these thoughts? Continue breathing in and out, don’t think into it, just carry on watching your thoughts. Who is this watcher of the thoughts do you know? Does he or she feel like, who you think you are, or is it completely different. If you have not been able to feel the watcher watching thoughts yet, then you are still unconscious in this moment. Close your eyes and breathe in and out, more and more, let the inward and outward flow be natural. Just watch the thoughts, do not, judge or compare, slowly the mind will become more silent, the “I” will disappear and the watcher will remain. The desire to do more will run you into patterns of thought again, so in these subtle moments, just be, don’t think about whats next, just breathe.

The more your become aware the more joy, the more bliss the more clarity will enter into your life. See for yourself, be aware, be conscious.


“Breath and life have become synonymous. Breathing is the mechanism of life, and life is deeply related with breathing. ” – Osho



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