Make self isolation, the stepping stone to self healing.

A lake that is noisy cannot reflect anything – Robert Adams

Watch your mind, we are living in a phase of life where if people watch the news, all they are reading upon is the death rate of human life, every moment of everyday (depending on the frequency of news you watch). Some are watching videos that go viral, which is further influencing the conspiracy theories regarding the outbreak in their mind giving them different perspectives, that is further leading to more confusion, fear and anxieties. To watch and not interpret it with your own conditioning will only help you see things for what they are. It’s understandable that death is one thing no one wants to face at this stage of life, so the fear that goes with it has disrupted a lot of the population to imitate one another as you can see through stock piling, with aggression, greed and selfishness. Don’t panic! Out of this stems anxieties and fears of the future within each and every individual about their own existence and the loved one’s around them, this is natural for the mind to react in such a way. However what is not natural is to keep repeating, watching and getting influenced by further resources regarding this topic. To be informed, is not wrong, but to have all your insecurities play up whilst being informed is the problem. To really take care of your mental health, to keep watching things that is now a negative scenario in the eye of the mind, will only depress your moment to moment living more. This is not the end! However if you really do want to break free from this inner anarchy all you have to do is watch your mind.  

Be conscious, watch what you feed your mind each and everyday of your living experience in the stages of self isolation. If you remain with the facts without the exaggerated stories that you go on feeding to the scenario at hand the more at peace you will be with the situation you are facing. All one needs is silence for clarity of seeing things as they are each and every moment. Nothing else.  The main objective around this pandemic is to stay safe, stay hygienic and stay isolated. It’s such a simple procedure to follow. The media has not told you anything else. It’s not told you to be anxious, it’s told you to be cautious. It’s not told you to be fearful, it’s told you to follow procedure and stay safe and isolated. The mind creates the rest of the stories around it. Plus see the facts for what they are. 

The rebel within man and women will not want to conform with this decision of self isolation, as you can see the increase of the spread in other countries. The young ones do believe they are immortal however fear lingers in any individual that is identified to the mind.  But to be a responsible individual does not come from a borrowed thought process, conditioned by fear that makes you act a certain way to deal with this scenario of life. Stop feeding your fears by outside sources, in this time of self isolation, go within. We have for so long distracted ourself by the life outside of us, make this an opportunity to understand your mind for what it is. To start from accepting the scenario for what it is in your life, consciously is the start of remaining with the facts without the interpretation of fear involved in every sense of judgement revolving around it. 

Self love is all one needs to transcend the nature of fear in this time, where the mind is largely influenced by words. With great non judgemental observation comes great peace. When you begin to truly accept yourself as you are, you will automatically become conscious of yourself and your surroundings. Then your actions will not come from anxiety or fear, or recklessness. Your responsibility and self care will come out of love, which will give a totally different fragrance to your life. To be free of fear and anxieties that stem from the mind only love is needed. As you can see in this time, we are dealing more with ourselves than the people around us that are also fighting with themselves to remain calm.  For peace to occur one has to be responsible for their own individual silence. The more you are lost in your anxieties and fears the more dull your life will seem. But even now in this moment life is not dull. Existence is vast and so is your original self, beyond the influence of the mind. 

To try to go against what is as it is, will only cause you to suffer more, the one who adapts and accepts the present scenario as it is, is the one who will be at peace. Silence is the cure to the mess the mind makes in interpreting the reality it sees with it’s conditioned responses. Open your heart to the people around you, self healing in self isolation will work wonders in your life. This can just work as a stepping stone to go within. Life is beautiful, do not let it get you down because of this pandemic. Do the things you love, be creative and enjoy your self isolation. Shift your awareness to this moment and be!

Be honest with yourself, look within, life is not to be lived with fear, no matter what the circumstance. Don’t practice love, be love! Be yourself, look within and find your individual nectar of greatness. 

Love is the cure. Be aware, stay safe and be conscious. 

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