Why are we never still?

“We suffer more in imagination than in reality – Seneca “

The mind is constantly running, whether it’s back to the past or dreams of the future of what will happen next. Why are we never still? Why do we constantly run for more, whether it’s more pleasure, more satisfaction, more happiness, more fame, more knowledge or more money. Why does the mind seek for more. What are we really trying to prove? Who are we trying to prove it to? Who is this self we are so attached to? A bunch of thoughts?

Man is constantly suffering, suffering because of the want for more and the biggest mistake man makes is that the search is always external. Security wise, pleasure wise and money wise, man continues to run before he/she could crawl. Lost in the clouds of thoughts, imagination and dreams man creates one story after another, to cope and understand oneself, never sure always insecure, how do you tackle such a mind that’s all over the place? That’s always thinking about tomorrow, or what happen yesterday, never in the moment?

When one is centered, one is aware and alert of the situation they are in each moment, there is clarity in understanding as one is here and now, but how so? The inner voice and thoughts don’t run in the now. The automatic unconscious robotic responses also disappear. The past is gone and so is the future, the mind silent. But can anyone be so aware, can anyone ever reach this stage of consciousness? You may experience this for yourself in deep states of meditation or doing things you love doing, time disappears and also thoughts, but you are probably unaware of this state also. When ones awareness of self is enhanced there is clarity, there is decisiveness and courage to say yes to new opportunities that come forward. When you are clouded by thoughts of your self in terms of comparison with the past, you are always insecure, As you are stuck in imagination of this sense of “I”  on the basis of what you believe about yourself and what others have said about you, in discussion regarding your strengths and weaknesses . The significance of your actions of the past still affect you each day, still affect your every decision, why so? When will you ever be free of your past? Today? Tomorrow ? The past is empty, only the mind gives significance to the words you carry with it and towards each scenario. You can be free of the past, but only through awareness, only through being open, in its totality. When you consciously solve your own problems you will see that your mind exaggerates everything. Your problems are not as big as you assume them to be.

Why is love the biggest healer? Because love listens to both sides, the positive and the negative. In love one drops ego, to understand another. In love one is unconditional and this makes it more easy for the other to be open vice and versa. In love without conditions there is joy, there is say satisfaction, that is only when the mind is not involved, in controlling and suppressing oneself or the other. Are you aware, why one becomes suppressive in a relationship, are you one of them? Why can’t you ever be open about yourself to the fullest extent? In love insecurities disappear and if they don’t then be aware of why you still carry them. Maybe you are not open as you would like to be and you may be lying to yourself that everything is okay? When love disappears in the relationship, one will start using the mind to make it work longer, out of further insecurities and neediness. When this occurs the relationship becomes a struggle and toxic, as one is trying to control another and vice versa. Many relationships settle for each other also out of fear of society and the fear of what will happen next, so they go on tolerating each other. Be aware, if you are in such relationships then stop lying to yourself, your anxieties and suffering won’t disappear, awareness brings clarity, suppression bring suffering.

To transcend the mind, one has to first become aware of the subtle patterns it runs with during the day. What is still significant to you? What do you suppress? Note it down, observe it, why do you suppress? Why are you not open? The attachments you hold to theories, knowledge, and assumptions of self and other significant people in your life also play a major role in your distortion of perception, as your mind is cluttered with judgements, comparisons and so on.  Once one’s mind is transcended you become free, and freedom of the mind means clarity, bliss, courage and no insecurities. The minds chattering dissolves completely. Don’t believe everything you read, until you don’t experience it for yourself. Start understanding this self you have created through thoughts, understand your search/desire for more and that will be the beginning, be aware, be conscious.

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