Break Free of the chains of the mind Pt 1

What do we constantly say or do each day that helps us remain sane?  Normally it would be in the lines of repeating affirmations to oneself, positive self talk, or praying/ repeating a mantra etc. To deal with the mind you use many coping mechanisms to remain stable (in your own eyes), in terms of security and feeling “okay”. The mind is always afraid of what is going to happen next, or how one will deal with the person or scenario that has happened in the past, which has created some sort conflict/pain within so being positive helps convince the mind all will be well and be at ease. On a day to day basis you constantly use such devices to control your insecure and anxious mind. Man lives in hope, so affirmations and other such devices makes one feel good for a while but the thoughts they were initially trying to get away from still remain in the unconscious mind. So every day you go on repeating and using devices that work best for you to remain good, but something is building up inside, so the more you avoid it, the more it comes back, whether its in your waking state or in your dreams. Once you become aware of it for yourself, you realise that you have to do something about it one way or another. Why do we constantly repeat this cycle, day in day out? Can we ever be free of it?

How do we break free of this cycle now of constant suffering? Solution, One has to practice silence first. But why silence? When you are silent, you realise how loud your mind is. To be free of it you have to know it first directly without judgement. But how can this be the solution? When you see patterns of the mind, you realise what exactly it is you are giving significance to, you can try it right now, ask yourself or understand what thoughts have been bothering you recently, if you judge it, you will be stuck with the thought for a very long time and it is very hard not to judge. The solution for this would be is to go back to how it all started, by and by you realise for yourself the significance of this memory you have been holding on to over time. When you meditate, be aware of your mind and it’s ways, let thoughts pass by but don’t judge them, let it be see for as it is, like clouds in the sky, just drifting.

Another solution is approval and acceptance. We constantly do things, or make use of masks to make others happy around us, for sense of approval and acceptance. To look within is the first step that one ever takes to freedom. However to first understand yourself as you are you have to make effort to accept yourself for everything that has gone wrong in your life according to you. Realise your mistakes and forgive yourself for it first! It’s hard but it will be so worth it. Second one, which is the hardest one for many is accepting yourself truly as you are. Why is this hard? Because we constantly want more, have many desires and in our minds we can’t settle for who we are right now as it is “not enough”. Let me make this clear if you carry on with this idea, you will realise for yourself that will never be enough, you will always want more, whether it’s a higher status, more money, or generally more wants and desires. You will constantly seek ways to fill your void within and define yourself through materialism.

When you accept yourself as you are in this very moment, you will become aware of many things, but this will be your very first step towards awakening. Your mind will generally pop up with all sorts of ideas about yourself about who you are as a person, and definitions you have come up with over time to define yourself, whether it’s through understanding yourself or opinions of others you have accepted about you whether good or bad etc. Your fears of the future and your insecurities of the past of how you have define yourself will also come up. In this process, to judge the notions of the mind is to be trapped again, so let them float and try not to judge or hold on to these notions. Meditate on them, go to it’s roots as mentioned in the second paragraph and in previous blogs (in more detail). By and by you will realise what exactly you were holding on to is just a dream. The emotions and feelings just add to the sensation, which is also observable. To be free of the mind is to live blissfully.

Be original, be free, love unconditionally, yourself, the work you do and the people around you. Let life work for you, stop going against it by trying to control it, with expectations and calculations.  Understand the patterns of your mind and break free, be aware, be conscious.


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