Reality beyond the illusory mind.

Time is in the mind, space is in the mind. The law of cause and effect is also a way of thinking. In reality all is here and now and all is one. Multiplicity and diversity are in the mind only. ~ Nisargadatta

To explore the reality of life silence is all one needs. Why is it difficult to be silent however? Because we have always lived life according to what we see, so we have never really noticed what is it that interprets our reality. Silence is a very natural state of every being once one moves past the very mind one identifies with.  See one really does not need religion, tradition or certain conditions to understand the simplicity of life. But it’s so difficult to come to this realisation. Why? Because one has not been taught to explore the nature of the mind, we live in a society that is continuously developing, and if we stand still, we feel we are missing out. Our conditioning doesn’t allow us to stay still, to stop and actually watch our own madness, running around as thoughts. 

To centre is to come to a stand point, stand point in a sense that you become really silent and sensitive. Whilst meditating, the more you silence your mind, the more you explore the realm of energies and feelings within and without your physical existence. The more sensitive you become in this exploration beyond the mind, the more your conscious being will notice your centres, that come in form of chakras or energy centres. The most commonly experienced is the third eye, but for different individuals according to their sensitivity, what they feel will be different. However in this period of awareness, it’s essential you don’t read into what you feel, by reading outside sources, such as books about specific topics on certain experiences you have. This is because you do not want your mind to influence your direct experience in forms of memories and words, as that will eventually lead you to expect certain experiences, rather than feeling them for what they are. Whilst being consciously aware, of your body and beyond it, it’s essential, you are utterly silent. This is very tricky If your mind is trying to put into words what you are experiencing. Once the experience is over, let it go. The more you try to re experience it, the more you will get trapped in illusion of feeling it, but the mind is playing tricks with you then. To explore the realm of the unknown, silence is all one needs. 

See time is in the mind, we have been conditioned to see what is outside of us, and have lived by time, created a story around it, what one needs to accomplish over a certain period of time for example. So the significance of time is a portrayal of our memories/thoughts and imagination of the past, and our desire of wants and goals of the future. This is what time is really made up of, the ideas of the past and the desires and wants of the future. We are stuck in between two stories the past is a story, and the future also. Why do I call it a story, because, you can add any word to explain the story and you can distort your stories of the past depending on how you feel in the present moment whilst talking about it. Time has been conditioned into you, by your parents and by the systematic approach schools have taken, which is not necessarily wrong, but you now understand the gist of it. The time that is discussed here is psychological time, the one created by you in your head, your own conditions regarding time. The significance of centring plays a role in dropping the illusion of time, which helps to move beyond the anxieties and fears the mind creates because of your own assumptions and understanding of time. If we can be here in this moment, quiet we will realise that time is only imagined, not an actual experience in reality, just something thought about. See for yourself, pause for a minute, breathe in and breathe out, the more you are at stand still the more you can realise reality for what it is. Silence moves you beyond the illusions shaped by thoughts that create the notion of time. 

This is a different dimension, so it will be really profound at the start, a very different experience indeed. The realm of the known you have repeated and remembered all your life, but to explore the unknown the mind will not be able to comprehend it so well in the beginning. The more present you are, which means consciously aware without being influenced by the mind, the more you will move past the conditioning and the ways of the mind that likes repeating and staying the “same” way. If you want to notice your ways of remaining secure all you have to do is watch yourself, watch every time how you like to be systematic with certain things you do. The more you conform to the ways of the mind, the more mechanical you become and this creates dullness. Trying to control your every experience of life also makes life more dull. As life itself is vast, trying to contain it with small thoughts will just go against the nature of life, and this in turn will burden your mind with insecurities, fears and suffering. To be in flow with life is the most natural thing to do is to be as you are and enjoy the flow of it, without restrictions and conditions that are imposed by insecurity and conditioned beliefs. But we as individuals don’t seem to understand this. Why? Ask yourself and explore. Do you really need everything you desire to live a happy life? 

A still mind is a sound mind. Stillness in its original form will come through centring in a sense that, you will move beyond the mind, to an energy centre where you can consciously watch your mind remaining there without being overwhelmed by your watchfulness. The more you watch the mind whilst being centred, the more silent your mind will become and this state of silence will bring a tremendous amount of peace in your life, which is your original gift, from existence. Life is to be experienced moment to moment as it is, rather than through the lens of influence portrayed by the mind. See for yourself, explore the nature of your own mind. Life is beautiful for one who can see through the illusions created by the mind. Be aware, be conscious. 

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. – Krishnamurti

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