Wake up from the prison of the mind

To know that you are a prisoner of your mind is the dawn of wisdom. ~ Nisargadatta

To come to this awareness consciously is a great revelation. Our anxieties our fears, our understanding of life is self created. The mind shapes our perception really well and emotions that run around these ideas, assumptions and beliefs, fall in well, systematically making you feel comfortable to your own limited view of life. 

How do we see past this illusion that shapes our own individual stories of life? How do we move past the wall of thought? Why is there a need to move past it? Do we ever experience peace in our life? Or is it just full of frustrations and anxiety of events not going our way? The experience of life is here and now, but we still go running after our imaginations, out of this false idea of improvement. How can man centre oneself on thought that so often fluctuates? The idea of you, is to be looked at very carefully to be at peace with yourself and existence. To explore the nature of one’s own mind is very crucial in the journey of life. Freedom starts with oneself and ends once the idea of “I” disperses into existence. To live really means to die every moment to the past. What does this mean? To be utterly uninfluenced, by assumptions and memories. See if your mind is silent, moment to moment that means, the significance of thought or thinking has been dropped. 

Why is this essential in life? Well life is beyond thought, this is when one really wakes up to existence. To think and continue thinking will just get you trapped in in a web of further thoughts. Words are endless, to explain an experience, see for yourself. How often do you distort your perception of reality by using words, if you become conscious, you will be able to notice how words, shape the experience and repetitiveness of your experience of reality. Can we change our experience of reality in this moment? Yes of course we can, shift your attention to this moment and watch your mind, watch everything like a screen you watch outside of you, the same way, watch your mind. The more you watch your mind with non judgemental awareness, the present you will be and the more silent your mind.

In this time of self isolation in the outside world, observe your mind and be free of all influence of the outside world. Reality is shaped by the mind, once the mind is dropped, you will be free wherever you go. However stay safe, be conscious each and every moment, the more aware you become the more naturally you will realise the significance and responsibility of your own individual experience of life. Self love will be unconditional. Experience life without the influence of the outer world and the interpretation of words. See and experience life for what it is, that is the bliss of life, to move past the assumptions and fears of the mind and to come to utter silence is where life will open it’s doors to the eternal nature of existence and self beyond thought. The experience of Life is divine when thought is silenced. Be aware, be conscious. 

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