Move past interpretations, experience life as it is

We miss the real by lack of attention, and create the unreal by excess of imagination. – Nisgardatta

How attentive are you towards yourself? We are so often occupied by our distractions outside of us that we never actually see what is running in the background everywhere we go, why is it that we don’t pay attention to our own mind and the understanding it projects to us about our life situation? Do you not see yet that the mind has become your master? Constantly influenced by it’s notions, it’s calculations, it’s anxieties, fears and insecurities. We are so identified to it that our ability to live has become dependant upon the assumptions and the sense of security we assume to be what’s best for us, comfortable in secure patterns and secure living, is man really living or has one become a robot?

What is real is the ability to perceive what is, without the influence of the past. To understand life one has to let go of what is not real in this moment. Man for so long has gone on to believe what he thinks but never really thought about or even come to understood that thought is constantly changing, judging, interpreting and with it’s one sided biased memories according to how one feels. How can one view life or see life with eyes that are blinded and influenced by thoughts of the past? Soon as we describe, judge or label something new, the experience of it becomes dull, old and something to compare with. To live means to be free of the conditioning, the assumptions the beliefs one has for so long carried with them, to understand the world and oneself.

So can we perceive what is real in each moment as it passes by, without any interpretation or influence of the mind? The mind cannot be observed by judging each and every thought going by, the mind has to be still, so still that you are able to directly see what it is that is hindering you in that moment. A still mind has clarity, as it creates freshness in perception. We are so often lost in our regrets or our desires that to view our mind as it is becomes difficult. We are so often caught up in our stories with all our conditioned assumptions added to it that we can’t really snap back out of it to see it’s only imagination and not real. The mind is an illusion created by the idea of “I” we go around carrying everywhere. If you start observing your own beliefs about yourself you will see how unstable they are, what is real always remains and what is false tends to fade away. Your insecurities and how you feel about yourself is based on this, the fact that thoughts change so your perception of yourself is always at risk of changing and feeling different. We seek security in repetition, repeating our actions our own image in our own head and trying to conform and play the part we imagine to be. To be free of what holds you back to actually enjoy what we call life and not be a miserable process of mechanical habits, the ability to see is important.

To see what the world is, all you have to do is break past all your interpretations of it and of life of course. Life cannot be thought about, it can only be lived, life is not in the past or a creation thought based phenomenon, it is here and now. In silence you will perceive what is real, but how to be silent? Go on watching your breathe, by and by your mind will quieten down, that is it. Stop letting your thoughts cause you anxiety because of your made up interpretations about life and yourself, be more silent experience this beautiful existence as it is. Be aware, be conscious.

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