Worry or worry-free? You decide

Be empty of worrying. Think of who created thought! Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? – Rumi

Why worry? Who is worrying? Do we ever ask ourselves these significant questions when we are lost in worrying?

Why are we as individuals so identified to thoughts? What is thought? Thought according to the dictionary is an idea or an opinion produced by thinking. So when asked to define oneself are we really just a bag of accumulated thoughts that are continuously going through a process of change each moment? In this moment if you are asked to think back to a particular event, how quickly will the mind jump to it? Does it take a while, do you put yourself in the scenario you are imagining? What sort of feelings come rushing in? Are you still the same individual in this moment? How you perceive your past can either chain you down or set you free.

The mind is an accumulation of thoughts, a memory, that can be interpreted in many ways depending on your mood. What do i mean when I wrote the past can chain you down? What we believe ourself to be, or how we replay our story to others if you watch carefully, it will generally help you understand how you perceive yourself and what feelings and emotions you still hold towards it. In this moment if you watch your mind you will notice the past a creation of the mind, the same way dreams are formed is the same way memories of the past are formed, but the difference is the dreams we have during sleep we dismiss as unreal, where as the dreams we have of the past of ourself we consider to be real, even now it’s real for you. Until one does not consciously learn how to see the mind for what it is, they will continuously fall in and out of the trap of identification with it. If you can do one thing every moment, or even for a few moments in the day to start with, is to watch your mind, silently. The more one observes, the more one understands the state of the chattering mind and the no-mind which is utter silence, bliss.

Our worries if dealt with in a state of silence, can help us a great deal. Perceiving your problems in silence gives you clarity, rather than distracting yourself with other means, learn how to face your own mind. The more you become aware of your mind, the less power it will have over you. The mind is a creation of the society, so if you really want freedom, or even experience a taste of it you have to start observing your mind and start letting go what isn’t you now, see clearly now. The mind can be suppressed through positive thinking, but that will never be enough as thoughts will remain and you will still be part of the dual nature of the mind. To be utterly free from suffering, worry and insecurity one has to learn how to watch the mind, seeing it for what it is, in any given moment. The more you think, about your problems the more they grow eventually turning into some sort of story that you have developed out of your imagined suffering, in this moment. You have the key to your own freedom, Become aware of all the stories you repeat to yourself and others day in day out. Be attentive and watch. See for yourself how you create your own limitation through thought and beliefs.

How can we deal with pain and suffering differently? Normally what one does is shares their problem with close friend and family, that is fine, expression is good with others but it won’t be enough. The mind magnifies every small detail, through assumption, insecurity and comparison. The past can’t be changed, but the grip it has over you in your own life can be changed. If you can create your own limitations, unconsciously you can break free from it consciously. Life is expansive, it is beautiful, but the mind keeps you distracted in identification towards it. Become aware, thoughts are always unsteady, unstable, the foundation that we rely on called the mind is very unstable hence why we have so much fear and insecurities. That is why the first step to freedom and awareness is learning how to consciously silence the mind. This will not happen over night, one needs to commit a lot of their energy and time in observing rather letting their day go by in dreaming about the past and future. The next time a problem arises in your mind or in your environment, don’t judge but watch what is happening in your mind, the more attention you give to your problems, the more it will go on accumulating and building up, so just be aware of what we define as problems in our life. See is it really a problem or am I exaggerating it, find a solution in silence, don’t get lost in anxiety. See it for what it is and work from there. Life is simple, exaggeration of the insecure mind makes it complicated. You can break free from it, be here and now and see your mind for yourself, the more you watch your mind in silence the more you realise. Be aware, be conscious.

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