To perceive oneself as oneself

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

The human mind makes the simplest thing complicated when it’s drowned by thoughts. We live in a society where we feel that our efforts should be recognised by people we see as significant, in trying to please others we lose ourselves. Do you see this? Why do we as individuals care more about others opinions about ourselves than our own opinion? Who are they? Who are you? The only reason one is not confident with oneself is because one has no centre to observe oneself from. What does this mean? In your body past your mind there are many centres that one can fall back to, in order to directly perceive the mind. But to come to realising your centres within you need to be very attentive and aware of yourself moment to moment before centring becomes natural.

How we define ourself changes every moment and the feeling that goes with it also changes. Because of the changes we perceive whether you are conscious of it or not, insecurity about oneself becomes apparent. No matter how creative you are about how you define yourself, there will always be a part of you that will feel unstable. See for yourself, ask yourself who are you in this moment? I am sure you will start with your name if your mind is in play, or the memories flooding in that you hold as significant about yourself, or maybe your mind goes blank when trying to understand this question, ask yourself, see for yourself. The topic of love will always be hard to define, because love, the ultimate feeling of it is beyond words, it is a type of ecstasy when your mind is not involved in it. See for yourself, what do you define as love? What comes to mind? Imagination or experience? Ask yourself who is the one that is looking for acceptance from the other? Who is the one that wants to be more appreciated for their efforts? Our want for more or our recognition for our efforts causes us to suffer, because we expect something in return. Can you not see this? If you start understanding your life, your actions for as they are you will be able to perceive what actually causes you to suffer.

Love takes you beyond the conditions set by the mind. If you really want to understand love, you have to start with yourself. Love cannot be calculated, it is a happening, your life should be the same way. When one tries to put conditions on one’s life that is when love disappears, that is where joy disappears. To understand, yourself first you have to be aware of and open to your own problems that remain in your memories as thoughts, the more one is aware of the significance one gives to thoughts the more they are free from it. Solution to accept oneself as they are is to be utterly present whilst looking into thoughts that you feel are holding you back, to watch oneself, to not get lost in your own thought based insecurities is the first step. When we love another, we practice unconditional care and comfort, we help the other accept themselves for who they are, we take the individual beyond their insecurities. But why can’t we do that for ourself? Why is it so hard?Have clarity in your perception, don’t let thoughts of the past have power over you. The more open you are to yourself about your insecurities and fears the more you will be able to perceive them without getting lost in stories behind and eventually this non judgemental approach will move you to freedom as the watcher of the thoughts. Be aware, be conscious.