From awareness to awareness

I call it moving from one moment to another. Let me bring you here and now, to these words you are reading right now, what do you feel, what’s going on in your mind in this moment? Are you aware? Only you know what goes on in your head each moment, only you are aware of how you feel. But do you know why you feel a certain way? Some moments you are really good and some moments you are drained to bits, some moments you are very anxious and you may have some moments where you feel really conscious, is this true or what? In life, if you don’t start from the foundation, which is understanding who you are there will always be a part of you that will carry some sort of anxiety and regret in every moment you go into, whether its through conscious actions or unconscious actions. But of course this explanation can be the most simplistic explanation to what is really happening in the moment or event you walk into. How one perceives the world is vast, we see it through many describing words, judgements and also conditioning that has been set in us throughout the years. Can we ever be free from the known? Free from the self made miseries we create out of feeling lack of control in our lives and our relationships? Can one come to an understanding consciously? How do we become free from the chains we are so bound to out of attachment, stories and so on? Can you go into this understanding in silence?

Silence reveals more understanding than thought ever will. Has there ever been silence, a silence that is purely conscious without interpretation, without any imagination? Can we as an individual observe and come to this point of awareness, without the chattering? Whilst you read this what is going through your mind? What does these words mean for you? What can you experience and feel within you? Are you conscious? Only awareness will lead you to real freedom, but when will we come to this experience for ourselves? Silence opens new doors to existence, but we are so busy and lost in words, that come through communication, through passing opinions back and fourth and further being influenced by our conditioning learnt by during the ego was constructed by our makers, our parents, and further more information gathered and believed to be real about life by sharing stories from family and friends. We only become aware of who we truly are by watching consciously how we act without interpretation of memory. If you want to notice this, do something new right now and see where it takes you, in your mind. Observing the self talk you say to yourself, is a great way of breaking free from the conditioning you have already created yourself to believe to be true.

“Are you still thinking, looking, living, as from an imaginary phenomenal centre?
As long as you do that you can never recognise your freedom.” ~ Wei Wu Wei

Are you aware of the amount of opinions that form every time you do something new, whether it’s a new venture, or developing a new way of living? If you become aware you will be more than likely to see these moments where something new is about to occur and mind suddenly starts to impart suggestions and opinions, which further influences how decisive we will be in the next step we take. What does this cause in our decision making process? Hesitancy of course, before we have even entered into the moment our walls have been put up. Not being able to clearly see how new the experience will be the mind has already made hypothetical scenarios of failure, or fear based ideas and dreams. which has been developed by our own experiences and further enhanced by other people we have seen as significant in our lives, and stories we have heard. This necessarily does not happen in every situation, but the more you remain conscious you will become aware of how creative the mind can get when it comes down to avoiding something of the unknown, with the excuses and lack of action consistently delaying things one after another. 

Every moment can teach you something different about yourself and the world around you, life is a very spontaneous journey, the more you understand your own anxieties, frustrations and ways of coping the more free you will become. Existence is vast, so is what is within, don’t limit it with the words of the past, be more open, feel more, be aware more and be conscious more, let life reveal it’s fruits for you.

Happy Reading.

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