The Navel Center

“Whenever I go in, I never meet any self. All that I meet are only reflections of the outside world – a thought, some emotion, some feeling. I never meet the innerness, I only meet the outside world reflected in.” – David Hume

As technology and social media increase in this day and age so do man’s mind with a lot of information, whether it’s from the news or research of knowledge that one is interested in. The internet is very resourceful, this has helped one to learn more so that they can achieve whatever they are trying to in their purpose-filled life furthermore, it has helped mankind to be more efficient in the way they live externally. However, there are consequences to a lot of information. Man doesn’t know what to be now, constantly indecisive about decisions made, whether its the right thing to do or not. The man has forgotten the heart and the way they feel about whatever they want to do, or what they are actually doing. Less feeling and more thinking have become the way of society. The man has become split, and they have no center to balance on, as mind and the beliefs can be questioned and broken, leaving the man in consistent doubt.

As trees have roots, so do human beings, but man is not even aware of his own roots that is within, unstable trying to live a life of security, creating their external world as perfectly as possible but remaining a beggar within, a beggar of approval of friends and family and society, a beggar of wanting more and more out of life and other people, a beggar for more money, a beggar for more finer things in life. What man is on the outside is on the inside also, which means a man is a beggar inside too. To be free of this insecure and anxious mind, man has to look within, but where to start? It is very important to be aware of one’s original center but where is it?  Your mind does not provide you with roots, it can break easily, it can be destroyed by any traumatic event, or a situation involving a high expectation of yourself or the person you depended on for so many months/years letting you down, what do you do then? How do you recover from it? That’s where the search for oneself begins, the understanding that there must be a way out of this miserable life, you start your recovery period, if you crash in this period trying to get back up you suffer for depression, what I call it overthinking of an event and situation and creating a belief of this is how it is now. Furthermore, the constant state of negative judgment and assumptions of oneself is mirrored against another you come across negative scenarios which enforce the belief of depression further.

So where is your center? The center of man’s life energy is the navel. Before a baby is born it is fed by the mother through the navel. Only from the navel does the child acquire life. Only from the navel does the sub-branches start going throughout the whole body to provide life. The more you are aware of the navel, the more energy you will have physically to do more. But right now as man is to busy fighting with the mind, they miss the navel. The mind has been so clouded that it is not even aware of the navel center, and man is oblivious whether there is a center or not. To center is to be stable, to be more aware, to have stability and confidence in oneself, to be less influenced by the mind and be more courageous in every decision. The gut feeling that people experience is glimpses of the navel energy being active when you feel its the right thing to do and your body agrees with it. The mind can never be a center, man needs foundations, spiritual foundations for stability. The mind only can help one know, and verbally understand but nothing is changed and nothing is transformed. Just further accumulation of knowledge.

So how to awaken the navel center that has been asleep for several years? You need to understand that all your life you have lived without a center, this should be understood first. There has been a constant search and questioning of the doubtful mind of what life is about. Centering will open new doors to the way you have experienced life so far, it will give you further insight internally and create a stability giving you awareness of who you really are, and for the first time in your life, you will see life in a different light. The center is not something you can think about, it is something that you will feel whilst meditating.

The ultimate cannot be known through the brain, as you are still in conflict with what you know of where you have come from, your family etc. Centering will make you aware of something that is beyond what you know, so be vary. Thinking takes a lot of energy out of your body and generally days you on a day to day basis. To find your center will be very difficult, but the more you practice you will develop more energy and slowly open up your navel center. To open your navel center, practice breathing in deep enough that the breath touches the navel, you can do this exercise whenever, with whatever activity you are doing, just take a deep breathe and follow the breath to the navel. Once this becomes stable and you can feel it whenever that’s when you can start opening other chakras in your body. This is a basic exercise but it is very significant, the more you do it the more profound and blissful your experience will be. By and by you will start feeling the center, however, make sure that you are certain you are feeling it and it’s not a thought that, it is the center. Once you feel the center is stable, start focusing on the center that is created within, meditate on it, this will help you become grounded and develop a new experience in your body. Providing one with real stability rather than a mind made stability. The center will also help you observe many other emotions that occur in your body and further help you understand yourself better.


Enough for today.

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