Don’t think, feeeeel. – Bruce Lee

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” – Rumi

Knowledge is power, we have known throughout the ages. To make it in this world materially, knowledge and action are key. But what about the inner realm, is knowledge enough for the experience of the beyond. In this day and age, books, the internet, the news and social media keeps us updated with current events and makes the mind more knowledgable memory wise, but does the mind really become efficient by learning a lot?  Knowledge has created many faces in the man, man is trying to understand others rather than themselves, through borrowed knowledge from society, man is trying to be like someone else rather than themselves. Social media throughout the years has also played a huge role in influencing people to follow a trend.

Social media influences many day by day, to be like someone or to aspire to be like someone. My own example and experience of this is, for example, I was into fitness a lot after the age of 16, I spent most of my mornings and evenings at the gym. Following profiles of fitness models on Facebook, Instagram and youtube inspired me to be like them in a certain aspect. I started reading up on it more and more because I enjoyed doing it, it made me feel good and also who doesn’t love the compliments for your own efforts and hard work. When I first started training, it was for my well being and it made me feel good and feel stronger. But time after time my original purpose got influenced and slowly began to fade away, as social media influence started playing a role in my life, over time I became aware that I don’t do it for myself anymore, the way I used to, I realised I did whatever I did for appraisal, to remain consistent in other peoples eyes and unconscious approval and it was a mask to my insecurities about myself. What I learned from this was sometimes in life, one has to be aware of why they are REALLY doing what they do. Our idea of who we are changes moment to moment. But my idea of myself was fixed then, so was the knowledge I used to follow.  Over time I realized that nothing is permanent in life and how you feel about some things you do, changes over time whether you like it or not, nothing is consistent. I was a gym freak until the age of 21, then it died down. One thing I learned from this experience is that, if you do something for the sake of doing it or do it for others, approval or appraisal or to remain consistent in other peoples eyes, whilst dismissing your own feelings, sooner or later the consistency and the determination of what you do will fade away.

When you act or do any kind of hobby you like doing, be aware, do you do it for yourself? or, do you do it consciously/unconsciously to seek approval and appraisal from friends, family, and society at large?. Of course, you will say that you do it for yourself, but go into it anyway, observe be more aware of yourself. Are you aware, whatever you are doing at any given moment does it feel right? or, do you try remaining consistent with the routine you have set for yourself? It is very important to feel what you are doing rather than being a robot and not enjoying it. Man has become mind orientated with his approach to life and the mind is the only reason man suffers from anxiety, insecurities, fear, jealousy and so on. Life is simple, man’s desires and ambitions make it a painful struggle, leading them to either symptoms of depression, a stressful life or just poor physical health.  This is not what life is about of course. The joy of life is gone when the mind is crowded by too much information as the mind is indecisive when the mind is clouded by knowledge and further influenced by fear of the future and their own insecurities of the past, the present moment is completely missed where the real nectar of life lies. Do you love what you do with all your heart? Or do you do things for the sake of doing it? For security? Does it go against yourself sometimes?. You need to be aware and ask yourself these questions, because if you are not aware of this, as you suppress your feelings more and more eventually one day you will create negative feelings towards whatever it is that you are doing and that may have a big impact to your life.

Start feeling your heart more, whatever you do, feel your heart, question yourself, does this feel right? Be sensitive, be observant, with your actions, is it in line with what you feel. Understand that if you don’t follow your heart in life and the way you feel, sooner or later you will crash. Your body sends you signals, follow these signals, don’t be afraid. If you feel like doing something, do it. The mind will create many insecure scenarios, don’t let that influence you. The mind will also bring up many voices of what others may think, dismiss that also. Only you live with your body and your mind, no one else does, so stop believing that you owe the world something, do everything for yourself first, understand yourself more, do more things that you love doing and enjoy it. You owe yourself first, you owe yourself a blissful, peaceful and stress-free life. You deserve it so act. Meditate, silence your mind and enjoy the unknown. Stop seeking security, be fearless, follow your heart. Enough for today

“When you follow your heart, every destination leads to somewhere beautiful” ― Mimi Novic

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